Design, development and production of custom embedded devices..


Elettronica GF is able to offer solutions and technologies that follow the entire production process for electronic systems: from electronic design through to prototyping, software development, realization of hardware, production certification, testing and packaging and user manual design and product after-sales care.

Technological development never stops and it is precisely in order to fully exploit the new opportunities offered by the market that Elettronica GF focuses prominently on the role played by its research and development department.

Thanks to its consolidated experience, Elettronica GF knows the global market extremely well and is thus able to purchase component parts at competitive prices, guaranteeing great-value for money for its customers and extremely high quality standards.

Elettronica GF can satisfy requests for both large quantities and small prototype orders. All this is done on the basis of customer needs and with the aim of always guaranteeing maximum satisfaction, keeping faith to the company’s Total Quality Management policy.

embed your idea

Elettronica GF’s mission is to provide all possible solutions to turn customers’ ideas into competitive and reliable products. Keeping abreast of all the best technology the market has to offer guarantees our customers the added value of innovation.

ISO 9001 compliant

Elettronica GF is compliant with international ISO 9001:2015 standards, including both research and development activities and production, as well as organization of the “Quality Assurance” system and “Customer Service”.

IPC member

Electronics GF is IPC Member and our technicians are IPC-A-610 certified

Fields of application

The huge resources invested in research and development permit the company to keep its technologies up-to-date and allow it to constantly acquire know-how in all the strategic sectors of embedded systems. In this way, customers can be sure of having the best solutions available on the market. Elettronica GF is able to manage both large and small orders.