System on Module based on Xilinx® Zynq® Z‐7007S and Z‐7010 SoC architecture

Blackpepper 225

Xilinx Zynq Z-7007S / Z-7010


  • Scalable SoM with Zynq® Z‐7007S and Z‐7010 SoC
  • High pin multiplexing flexibility
  • Very small dimensions only 31 x 36 x 3.9mm
  • Low cost solutions
  • CPU

    •    ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore CPUs with ARM v7
    •    CPU Dual \ Single core
    •    CPU Frequency up to 866 MHz
    •    NEON™ 128b SIMD coprocessor and VFPv3 per MPCore


    •    Up to 512MB DDR3L


    •    Up to 64 GB eMMC
    •    QSPI FLASH 16 MB (up to 64MB on request)
    •    External microSD


    •    7000 Series PL Equivalent Artix®-7
    •   Logic cells: 23K or 28K
    •   Look-up tables: 14,400 or 17,600
    •   Flip-Flops: 28,800 or 35,200
    •   Total Block RAM: 1.8Mb or 2.1Mb
    •   (#36Kb Blocks): 50 or 60
    •   DSP slices: 66 or 80
    •   PL I\O: 52


    •    1 x USB  2.0 OTG
    •    1 x Ethernet 1Gbps
    •    2 x CAN BUS Interfaces
    •    2 x UART TTL Level
    •    2 x SDIO
    •    2 x I2C Interfaces
    •    2 x SPI Interfaces


    •   1 x B2B 100 pin and 1x B2B 80 connectors
    •    Single +5 VDC ±10% power supply
    •    On board regulators for all integrated functions
    •   Power consumption depends on CPU
    frequency / state and FPGA utilization


    •    0 to 70°C for commercial version
    •    0 to 85°C for extended version
    •    -40 to 85°C for industrial version


    •    Yocto based PetaLinux


*Please note that not all the functions may be available simulta neously, due to pin muxing limit ation of both Zynq SoC and module connector restrictions. Function availability depends also on the type of Zynq processor installed. For more information, refer to Zynq datasheet.

**Some functions, such as USB, Ethernet or CAN Bus require transceiver or additional circuitry on carrier board.

***These temperatures are ambient temperature ranges for components used on SOM module, with exception of Zynq CPU, which is specified on Junction Temperature Range, 0‐85°C for commercial, 0‐100°C for extended, ‐40‐100°C for industrial version. SOM module ambient operating temperature depends on the application and on the cooling measures applied.


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Standard ordering code:

3SM70073B1A1225 : Z‐7007S Soc, DDR3 512MB, Memory eMMC 8GB, QSPI 16MB, Speed ‐1, Temperature 0°C to 70°C

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